Step 1:

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Retrieve your iPhone from your pocket or purse.
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Then select the iFindCar icon on your iPhone in order to open the program.
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When iFindCar starts up, you will be in the iFindCar “Home” screen. Press the road button to take you to the “Map” screen.

Step 2:

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The “Map” will graphically show you where you are in relation to your car’s stored location.

iFindCar uses the iPhone’s built in GPS and Compass, as well as the location you saved when you parked the car, to compute the placement of pins on the "Map" that represent both you and your parked car.

“Oh yeah. I remember now, I parked way over in the corner of the parking lot.”

See additional information below.

Step 4:

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Safely place your iPhone into your pocket or purse and away you go. “Thanks iFindCar!”

Step 3:

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You found your car. “Wow, that was easy!”

"It is just that simple!"

Other Useful Displayed Information:

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Key Features of the “Map”:
Your parked car will always be in the center of the "Map" and is represented by the “car” pin.

Without any input from you, the "Map" will update itself every 10 to 15 seconds.
Your current position is represented by the “person walking” pin with the white star. (I gave you a “star” because you were savvy enough to buy this app.)
You can use the zoom-in (+) and zoom-out (-) buttons to zoom-in and zoom-out on the "Map".

The zoom buttons will remain “sticky” (stay in effect) as long as you remain on the “Map” page.
Subsequent redraws, without leaving the “Map” page, will retain the zoom adjustment.

Pin background colors have meaning:
The “person walking” pin background color represents (and corresponds with) the current “Location Accuracy” at the time the “Map” was drawn. See Below.
The “car” pin background color represents the state of the “Location Accuracy” at the time the “Press To Store” button was pressed.
So, if you jumped the gun and pressed the “Press To Store” button a bit too soon, this is your visual reminder of what happened.
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iFindCar's Accuracy Indication:
As with "Saving Your Car's Location", it takes a brief, but finite amount time for the GPS in the iPhone to achieve a reasonable level of accuracy.

A “Location Accuracy” meter is included on the left side of iFindCar's screen that measures and displays the GPS accuracy.
Green: Reasonable accuracy. This should be sufficient accuracy to get you to within 2 or 3 car lengths of your car's saved position. (Assuming you waited for "Green" before pressing the “Press To Save” button.)
Red or Yellow: iFindCar will still be able to help you find your car, but how close it will take you will be degraded.
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Distance to Car:
The “Distance to Car” area will display the distance between your present position and the saved location of your car.

When used with iFindCar's “Car Pointer” or “Map” screens, iFindCar will be able to get you to within 2 to 3 car lengths of your car’s location.
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Parking Duration:
This is the amount of time that has passed between you pressing the “Press To Store” button and now.

Wow. 3 Days, 6 Hours and 27 minutes. “That was a grueling business trip. Without iFindCar, I never would have been able to find my way back to the car in such a crowded parking lot!”
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